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This system is similar with 4 h system.
The rules of this system is similar to that of 4H-system, if you Jista from this system, there are no problems understanding them. It could benefit, if you have not seen that the fact that the first and has a good knowledge of the rules first 4H. With a little time requires great skill and knowledge necessary to understand and demonstration before the first jump as in my other system has many many months, the review and adjustment, and is much more profitable and has a 1 / 10 of using my other system. I hope you like the boy and, with respect to the 4H, are open to proposals on the rules and / or formulation of rules, I have a reservation.


1) The first thing you need to do is 60 EMA on 5m chart of G / And I did that trade, the G / U with this system and I would like to focus on this thread are the G / U.

2) If the price below the 60 EMA-you are only looking for sale and if the price above the 60 EMA are only to buy. Prices and can touch and even a little break and always for a purchase. Well, when it comes from below, and then everything breaks down and it is, it is true to a sale. It becomes easier to say and for you to see if I have a few Charts.

3) Take only trade after 2 am EST, and only one trade at 3:30 am EST.

4) In the case of a purchase: The price is above the EMA, and comes down. Each bar, just under the new bar. Trade is triggered when the next interrupt Bar Setup High bars Buy 3 pips. In the case of a sale, the opposite is true.

Trade Managment and Exits

1) When you hit 10 pips profit you set the stop to BE. Sometimes I set the stop when I hit 8 pips profit it just depends. I like the other system tried to make this as mechanical as possable but there are a few areas that I deviate on and that is up to you and you will learn in time what your prefrences are.

2) Take half profit at 20 pips and exit the remaining half when you get a signal to go the other way. As an example you are in a buy. Price continues to make higher highs and higher lows, when price breaks the low of the last bar by 3 pips you would exit the remaining half with whatever profit you have. Unlike the 4H system you dont go the opposite direction you just want for another buy setup as long as proce stays above the 60 EMA. If price breaks threw the 60 EMA and then setups up to go short you will go short.

3) I usually only take 2-3 trades a day if they present themselves, sometimes you dont get a trade but this is very very rare and everyday will be different. If I have had 3 sucessful trades I will call it a night.

4) If the price keeps going back and forth in a fairly tight range around the EMA I will usually take all buy and sell signals until it breaks out. As I already said I tried to make it as mechanical as possable but there are a few things that take a little practice and time to get used.
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