The System II (Yes with irony)

The System II (Yes with irony) is a system developed by using this concept SFXD (forexfactory forum). The System use high-low swing. In general, the System II, following the market trend. No indicator required for this system. Just watch the chart in 5 minutes timeframe.
Here is the rule:
1) wait for the market to have a 30-40 ticks swing at any direction
2) Wait for a retracement
3) set 2 horizontal lines - 1 at the beginning of the swing and 1 at the last swing high/low
4) if the market resumes the swing, place a limit order 2-3 ticks above/ below the last swing
5) your order gets filled. Now it's pretty much up to the market
wash - rinse and repeat

More detail? Just go to its thread at Here


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