How to get some fast cash?

We all know these situations when there's an avid need for some extra money, but you haven't got it in your pocket and even don't know where to get it from. Your car broke down and your paycheck is in a week, and you don't have a ride to work anymore. There's a leak in the roof and the rains are coming, but you have paid for your insurance the other day and don't have any spare bucks. The list can go for a really long time. Such situations need a fast response and it often means having some extra cash to eliminate any possible impacts over time. But where do you get extra money when your wallet is empty and your credit card balance is negative?

Well, there are a some tried ways you can follow, which all have their pluses and minuses. First thing to consider is borrowing from your friends or family members. Of course, many of us don't want to mix money into relationships but if it is a real emergency your close ones may be the source of money you need. Just remember that like with any other borrowing you'll have to give the money back, no matter how great your relations are. You can spoil them with a little money business, that why people generally try to avoid family/friends and their financial troubles.

The other way is going to a pay day loan service center. You've probably seen a lot of them throughout your area, with signs claiming they have great payday loan and cash advance services. There are also a lot of sites on the Internet offering the same services. No matter whether you go to a real shop or fill out a form online, you have to remember that these loans are preferably to be paid back as soon as you can, because the percentage there is quite hight. You can get the money you need pretty fast, but you'll have to pay a price for it.