How to Start Making Money Online

How can I start making money online? That's the question I wanted to answer before I counseled my friends or took the plunge myself.

It was not too long before I found the answer. It was really quite simple.

In every case of failure I studied, people started off with the wrong strategy. And as they say in the venture capital business, "If you start with the with wrong strategy, no amount of effort will succeed, short of changing the strategy."

A strategy is the steps you take and the order in which you take them. To accomplish a given goal or objective.

Someone like you, with little or no capital, can now start a business that will make as much, or more, than companies that were started with millions of venture capital dollars and teams of talented people. This is truly a revolutionary time in business history.

Here are some options for online wealth:

Create an Online store- With an online e-commerce store there is no need for a physical retail store. No need to pay rent or employees and no need to buy product. The automated software is thirty times CHEAPER and works 24 hours a day and takes no vacations. Now that's leverage - doing more work with less effort! All you need to do is make a deal with a company for a particular product and have them drop ship the product directly to your customers. You simply pass the order details to that product distributor and you make a commission on the sale of that particular product. A yahoo store can make this process simple for any newbie online entrepreneur. You can find out everything you need to know about a Yahoo Store at For under $40 a month, starting business couldn't be easier.

You'll be able to build a website that operates twenty-four hours a day, displaying an online product catalog that automatically takes orders over the Internet, collects the money online from credit cards, and forwards the orders to the product distributor for mailing to the customers. But best off all, instead of having a potential market of people who live within 25 miles of your physical store, your potential market has expanded to the hundreds of millions of people on the Net, from all around the world.

Create Your Own Products - People like you can create new businesses,selling information products AKA e-books to customers around the world, with little or no capital. If you have knowledge about a particular topic you can write a book about it or hire someone from sites like or There are thousands of writers willing to do the grunt work for you. You simply pay them a couple hundred dollars. Then once the book is completed set up a link checkout system with sites like Once people looking for the information you have written about land on your site or someone else's site that is selling your product and then purchases your product, you get paid! Think about it, this is an automated process. Once you set up everything once, you never have to do it again. All you have to do is get the traffic and sales then sit back and collect your checks! And best of all, you can make as much money, and in most cases a lot more, than the same 'offline' bookstore business that requires 75-to-90 percent more capital to start. This has never been possible before.

Join an Affiliate Program - An affiliate program is simply a program that allows other website owners to earn a commission from a sale of another website owners product simply by placing a linking code on their website. If a visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase, than the affiliate makes a sale but also the person promoting that affiliates product will make a commission from that sale simply by referring that visitor to that particular link.

Starting to make money online is attainable if you have determination, persistence and faith. Are you beginning to see why online information businesses are your best prospect for making some serious money to transform your financial outlook? Now you're beginning to understand the power of the Internet and why so many people are going online to seek their fortunes.

About the Author:

Wayne Van Dyck is a former venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur As an online infopreneur, he is the founder and developer of Simple Money Machines is the first complete Internet-Business-In-A-Box. -- Simple Money Machines provides all the technology and training required for people getting started online. To get a FREE copy of "EARN WHILE YOU LEARN - The Two Step Automated System" go to: