How To Know Market Movement

As a trader or investor who trade in forex market, stock or commodity, knowing the "next" market movement is a key to gain profit. Is True? Of course that is true. If we can see where is market going, we could make money easily.
There are many ways and tools to predict market movements. One of them is trendline pattern, for more detail see this images


The concept of these methods is The price always uptrend downtrend or sideways.
Sideways is rarely to happen (may be happen in minor timeframe).
How to make a trendline pattern??
Draw a line from higher or lower price then go to other higher or lower price.
then make other line which is paralel with the first line. You can see from the pictur above, is is very easy to draw it.
Now you know where the price move, arent You?
Where we enter the market and exit? Ok now look this pic
After Drag a line, see if it the right place to put a trendline , At this image, entry buy at 4 th candle after the lowest, then make target price or area. look the pic above carefully..
Is easy , Right?


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