Relative Strength Basket Trading System

Basket Trading System is very popular now, we can found here there are a few thread that discuss and develop about this trading style. So, base on the relative strength, i plan to develop and open discussion about it. The idea is to open the trade of all pairs that related to the currency which have the highest and lowest index value at certain Time Frame.

After looking at the formula that is used by CCFp indicators i decided to use my own formula to measure the strength of each currency to give me more sensitive and accurate results.So all the indicators that we will use for observations is base on this formula, not the original one formula.

What is the goals?
1. We need to develop an ENTRY and EXIT rules.
2. We need to make an EA.

I have write several indicators that will help our observations. Actually, i'm not a coder but I try to make it to help our obeservations. Let me first explain all the indicators that we will use:


This is CCFp indicator that i have modified. I change the strength formula and use mine, but all lines looks like the original. We will not use this in our observations but I post it to show you how this formula works. you can check it and bactest. (+) Positive area is STRONG area and (-) Negative is WEAK area. So, if the currency index stay in negative area it's means
the currency is WEAK and if the currency stay at positive area it's mean the currency is STRONG. Crossing between two currency means the new trend is formed, and the direction of the pairs is following the biggest index.


These are the indicator that show us the direction of pairs movement which is divided by 8 groups (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, JPY, NZD and AUD). The indicator will show us all the trend from TF M1 to MN. Lime means Strong Up, Dark Green means Weak Up, Red means Strong Up and Maroon means Weak Up. All trend is calculated using Relative Strength formula.


This indicator show us the index value of each currency from Time Frame M1 to MN. All index value is multiply by 10000. Green means the currency is in STRONG area and Red means the currency is in WEAK area. The value show us the index value.


This indicator tell us which currency have a highest and lowest index value in all TF.


This is the formula file, all indicators above need this file for calculations. For the coders you can use "iCustom" to use it with the output index 0=usd, 1=eur, 2=gbp, 3=chf, 4=jpy, 5=aud, 6=cad and 7=nzd.

CCFp Highest Lowest Observation.tpl

this the template that will we use for observations.

Just copy all ex4 files to your_metatrader/expert/indicators directory and copy tpl file to your_metatrader/templates and restart you metatrader, open a chart and click the template.

Hope, you all could participate to start the observation and develop the "Basket Trading System" base on this indicators.



All the indicator on the first page are the observation tools only. And we have already made the indicator for visual test and trade on this page 77 this is the first indicator that come from all the rest observations and testing. we still test this indicators to find the strategy and the lack of the indicator.

For the Multi_Purpose_Trade_Manager & JPY scripts you can download here 7

The new scripts here:

The EA is here:



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