Symmetrical Triangles Pattern

This pattern describe the market in consolidation area where supply and demand in equal area. There are two trendline which drawing far range to close range. It happen when a strong trend occur, then market consolidation, pulback to its previous trend, very good technic i think.
Bullish symmetrical triangles appear in uptrends and typically resolve themselves to the upside. Breakouts to the upside must be accompanied by a significant increase in volume to confirm the breakout. Failure to accomplish this doesn't automatically render the play invalid, but it does raise a yellow flag. Besides volume, the astute trader ought to look for a close above the most recent high. This price represents the previous area of selling pressure and an area where stockholders may be looking to “get out even.” It is recommended that if volume does not accompany the break, and if the stock fails to make a higher high within a reasonable amount of time, the trader should move a sell stop up to protect profits.