(T_S_R) very effective Trend Slope Retracement system by FXiGoR

By FXIgor
Most of the people don't have a clue what price is realy doing. They see a price or a line or a bar going up and down without understanding what price is realy doing. They see ,after the facts, that price was consolidating or it was trending. They don't know when or how to stay away from some pairs or from certain market conditions.
They have their favorit pairs and in the morning they take place in front of their pc they spit in their hands and say "Lets trade" without looking or knowing if their pair is in a condition to trade.

A lot of people have the tendency to react on every move. They don't see that some down moves are only a retracement in an up going market or the opposite that some up move is only some retracement in a down going market.
Most of the people who are looking for a system want something that could bring them as soon as possible in the market when a trend would pick up but then they forget that in a sideways market they gonna get a lot of false signals.
Most of the people look to their charts at the end of the day and they see that it was going up and then down and then up again and they wished that they could have something that could help them in taking all of these moves. But that is not how it works.
A lot of people jump in a positions and as soon if they are in the market, price starts to turn against them and they don't have any clue why that is.
Also a lot of people jump in the market whitout a stoploss that is based on logics. Meaning that they have for example a 20pip stoploss. But they use that stoploss on every pair ( a 20pip move against you on eur/chf is far bigger then on cable--maybe for some of you the value is the same but in potential move it is completaly different).
How many of you did not enter in the market, price goes against you, you take your stoploss and after you took it price goes the correct way and you don't get the set up to enter the market emmidiatly again.

If you have the feeling that one of those arguments is based on your trading or the way that you deal with the market and its conditions, then this system (method) will realy help you. It will help you on EACH of the points that I mensioned above.
This system will help you to understand the markets, the price action were to get in and were to get out if price goes against you and that based on true logic market conditions. It will learn you how the market is behaving. It will show were you better stay on the side line. And it will show the realy perfect entrys. You will get a feel of what a good reward/risk trade. You will see and know what the risk will be toworths a potential profit.
I promice you that this is a system(method) ,even if you abandon it, that now and then you will have a look at it to have a better vieuw on some market conditions.

Before we go any further lets understand eachother well. I am not interrested to teach people who have strong believe that they can trade for a living out of a 1-2000$ account. People who believe that they can make 100% profit in 1 month are using a leverage, if things go the wrong way they can loos the same amount of money over the same period. And I call that gambling. It has nothing to do with beeing a real trader. A real trader is very happy if he can make a 50% profit over a 1 year period. So I don't want any questions about wich leverage one should use or how much profit he could make on a montly base. Keep in mind that we will be faced with a constant sterling ration between 2 and 3. Meaning if our profit could be 400pips in a month the risk that we could take would be between 150-200pips. But the better you are the lower that risk will be. And by better I mean if you are realy good and understand the markets.

The rules of this system (method) are simple but yet again difficult for me to explain in words. I gonna post some charts of todays session and they should give you some impressions.
Monday I gonna open on paltalk a chatroom (www.paltalk.com go to business and finance then day traing rooms) were I will explain the rules and that for many days. We can watch some possible entrys that will show up and discus them according the rules and reward/risk ratio.
The name of the room will be "FXiGoR (T_S_R) Forex system. Free live call trading room".
The goal will be that this room will become self supporting (so that people will give their knowledge to other people without me beeing there).

regards... iGoR

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