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How to trade with pivot point:

Pivot point in my own opinion represent the best and most reliable way to trade this market as it is only when price gets or come close to a pivot line that all professional traders in the world will be looking to take action. In my own opinion pivot point is the best trading style or strategy to trade the foreign exchange market profitably.

So the question of all questions is when to buy and when to sell. My answer is when you see price break through a pivot point going up for example only at that point should you wait for price to go back to the broken pivot point that was recently penetrated. Plus of course the secondary inputs of the other indicators to clarify and support your decision that you were right. Then if the other indicators confirm an upward continuation as in this example, then you will seek to enter as close to the pivot point that was penetrated as possible. Then take your profit by targeting the next pivot point in your calculated points, or you can move your stop loss to the next point to take more profit in the trade as it continues in your favor.

Foreign exchange trading can be very profitable and may mark the end of your 9 to 5 job with little time to spend in front of your computer. This is because if one is to consider the size of the market it will give a well trained and tutored trader the opportunity to make a huge profit, not to talk of the leverage the market gives you. Learn all you can and demo trade, before going live and you will surely quit your 9 to 5 job.

About the Author

i am a forex trader,and have been trading successfully now for threee years and my style is simply utilizing pivot point to trade the forex,because they are the most reliable means of trading the forex successfully.

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