Pipologist Daily Strategy

System is very simple, filtered by other indicators, as follows:

- Timeframe: 30M
- 8 EMA (applied to Close) & 13 EMA (applied to Open)
- Trend lines & Regression channels to help spotting intraday breakouts
- 8 %R (levels -80 and -20 visible) over 13 RSI (applied to Open)
- MACD (13, 21, 8)

1. EMAs cross
2. MACD goes above or bellow 0 level
3. Spot a break of a trendline or regression chan

Rules of entry:
- Always at the close of the candle.
- For long: candles must be above the 2 EMAs (for short: bellow)
- Entry candle must break or be above/bellow the trendline or regression channel.
- %R must be bellow -20 for long and above -80 for short
- Entry must be placed at maximum 4 MACD bars since MACD turned up or down.

I attached a screenshot to understand. This kind of signals are happening everyday.

If you ever let your position open hopping that the pair will get back on your favor YOU ARE WRONG ! The big guys know the psychology of traders and that the majority think this way and that's why it goes against to eat your stop losses or to get as much as they can from your balance
Stop loss:
- SL @ 10 pips (+ your broker' spread) above the high of entry candle for short and bellow the low of entry candle for long. I never risk more than 10 pips (above that high - try not to risk more than 20 per total).
by: pipology