A Quick Guide To The Types Of Car Insurance Available

There is no getting around the fact that all drivers have to have car insurance to be legal on the road. This and the desire to save money have led to many drivers looking for car insurance quotes at renewal time. Despite that, some people do not know their options in full. In fact, there are millions of UK drivers that are not familiar with their level of cover and what they are covered for. This is because they cannot distinguish between three types of car insurance that are commonly available.

Car insurance quotes can be obtained for the three types of car insurance, which are third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Every single car insurer offers all three but there is a world of difference between them. As such, you can choose the level of cover that suits you as long as you know what all three actually are.

Third party car insurance is the simplest of the three because it only covers a few elements. It will cover you for any damage you cause to another car and for injuries you cause to another individual, including your passengers. However, it will not cover you or your car in the even of an accident, fire or theft. Unless the accident is someone elses fault, you have to cover your own damages.

Third party fire and theft can be considered as third party insurance with a few extras. It will also cover you if your car catches fire or if it is stolen but again will not cover your car if you are involved in an accident.

Fully comprehensive car insurance quotes cover the most elements out of the three. It covers accidental damage, damage to your car, personal accident benefit, your medical expenses, personal possessions damage and all of the same elements as third party fire and theft. That is why it is called comprehensive insurance.

It is your choice as to which option you ultimately choose. It will definitely help to get car insurance quotes from various companies to see what is on offer. However, the type of insurance that you choose will definitely make an impact on your premiums. In some cases you may only be able to afford the basic level of insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance is the preferred option because you never know what may happen but it is by far the most expensive. So much so that it an actually be prices out of your range. Take Mrs Cooper for example. The car insurance quotes for her Vauxhall Corsa offered a 173 pounds difference between the cheapest third party policy and the cheapest comprehensive policy.

173 pounds is a lot of money between the options and a sum that could make all the difference between the type of insurance that is ultimately obtained. If you know what type of insurance you want then you are ahead of the game. If not then prepare to be open to a world of difference between them.
by: AlexDunn