Point Break EA Review

A powerful EA compared with other top EA’s…..

  • Outperformed every single one of them in one year forward testing.
  • Used by our forex account manager with live accounts for 1 year.
  • All trades are closed only when a net profit is reached and added to your account balance.

It's A Better Way to Trade !
  •  Mathematical based expert advisor.The EA does not predict the trend direction, it flows with the trend. With a solid forward test record dealing with all market conditions.
  • Smart Money Management.With Low, Medium and Aggressive settings, you can set the pace of your own investment growth.

What is included in the Point Break EA Trading System:

  1. Easy to follow complete manual that explain in details how Point Break trading strategy.
  2. Access to our forum which includes the current “best settings”, “tutorial”, “trading report”.
  3. Free lifetime update to the Point Break expert advisor.
  4. Step-by-Step guide showing you exactly how to setup and use the Expert Advisor and run your own backtests.
  5. 100% Money back guarantee.

PointBreak Expert Advisor is NOT:

  • Averaging-down system (which are commonly seen and work nicely for a couple of weeks until your account blows up)
  • A discretionary rules, news based trading system or grid trading.
  • Theoretical or just logical trading rules.

How does the Point Break EA trading system work?

  • Small trades are continuously added above and below the opening position, and the system is smart enough to apply pyramiding, hedging or closing some positions depends which way the market moves.
  • All trades are closed only when a net profit is reached and added to your account balance. Some trades stay open that are in negative equity (drawdown) until price returns or continues the trend and start making profit.
PointBreak EA
Risk Profile:

  • Conservative/Moderate / (available from this website)

  • Aggressive (reserved for professional or money manager with monthly subscription, please contact us for further detail)
Average Monthly Return:

  • 2-3% for Conservative Strategy (Drawdown Risk: 15-20% from balance. Available for purchase from this website).).

  • 5-8% for Moderate Strategy (Drawdown Risk: 30-35% from balance. Available for purchase from this website).

  • 10-15% for Aggressive Strategy (Drawdown Risk: 50+% from balance. This setting only available for Pro/Full version. Monthly subscriptions are required and available for purchase from this website.
Source: YouTube.com; Paul Heap, MyFxTools.com; Yohanes R. Gagahlin, FxHope.com

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