IBFX Indicator

IBFX-CPR : Candlestick Pattern Recognition

IBFX CPR (Candlestick Pattern Recognition) is a custom indicator designed to identify forming candlestick patterns on your charts. As many technical traders know, candlesticks offer a unique perspective into the world of price and chart analysis. Various candlestick patterns, much like other chart patterns, have very distinct characteristics which when spotted, can often help traders anticipate pending market moves.


IBFX Waves is a custom indicator that is based upon the Elliott Wave Theory—a method of technical analysis that has been popular in various financial markets since the mid-1970s. Traders in the US stock market have given particular attention to the theory’s belief that market trends and crowd behavior (particularly the crowd’s tendency to push for reversal of price direction after over-ambitious market moves) can be most easily recognized in a basic pattern that accounts for five distinct “waves.” Of course the complete Elliott Wave Cycle extends far beyond just five basic pattern movements, but essentially even the more complex pattern cycles can be accounted for as simple extensions of the five basic waves.


1. Extract file IBFX - CandleSticks.zip. and IBFX- Wave.zip
2. Letakkan file IBFX - CandleSticks~.ex4 di folder ...\experts\indicators.
3. Letakkan file Pop.exe di ...\experts\files.