Profitable Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor is an Automatic Forex Trading Software. This software can do all of your Forex Trading process, including: Analyzing the Forex Market, Make an Open Position (OP), Managing the Order, and Doing Take Profit (TP). All process is Fully Automatic, based on Built-in Forex System and Trading Feature. This will save many of your time and prevent you from stress. You don't need to learn anything to use this software. Just install your MetaTrader 4 platform, insert the Expert Advisor in folder "experts", and run it.
The following is  Profitable Expert Advisor, free or must purchase first.
  • We develop an Expert Advisor that have been tested for its consistency and it's profitable.

    This EA use a good risk management, Stop loss and take profit always put in every open transactions.
    No indicators requirement and apply in 8 major currency
    This EA also has been tested with  forward test using real money in a few brokers with a fairly satisfactory result. Minimum deposit when using this EA is $ 1000. EA is able to limit losses by set it up your risk, such as 50%, so if the losses reach 51%, EA automatically stops.
    Rakata Trading House is a company that manages the funds and accounts of our value customer with the best results. Rakata Trading has a unique way of conducting trade.
    Products offered by the current trading is in the field of Foreign Exchange, commodities(Gold, Silver) and US stock (base on provide by broker).

    Rakata Trading house offers trading using EA / Robot activities in the trades.

    Rakata Trading House always do research in the field of automated trading, trading indicators, money management, strategy trading to provide the best trading results for its clients


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    Forex trading is way more easier when its done on autopilot and EA Builder allows you to create your own free forex robot.

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