Range Bars is a forex meta trader 4 tool.

How to use it??

  • set timeframe to M1
  • drag the indicator into your chart
  • check the "Allow dll import" box
  • set the tick range
  • go to "file" -> "open offline"
  • select "symbol,M2" (example - EURUSD,M2)
  • opened graph is a tick range bar chart Comments: Computes prices and volumes. Please, ignore times on the range bar graph, they are artifical. Remember to keep the M1 chart opened! Gaps that are shown on the range bar chart after opening it are caused by incomplete tick data in the minute chart - the MetaTrader does not store the each-tick data - only high/low/open/close. New bars printed live are based on every tick received until re-opening or refreshing the chart. Happy trading!
  • visit www.woodiescciclub.com
Download Here


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